Study the fascinating world of medicine from honeybee products.

An evidence-based centre helping you engage with the latest science and application of Apitherapy as it is practised round the world.


Introduction to Apitherapy

Products from the beehive have been used for millennia by humans for health and medicine. There is growing interest in how bee products can be used and why they are so effective. In the modern day, considerable scientific effort is going into studying this phenomena and this course provides a general introduction into what is understood about the various bee products.To study this course you may choose to submit 2X 2000 word assignments from your choice of subject, or a 4000 word thesis on the subject of your choice from the course. Assignments will be submitted directly to the Course coordinator and assessed for quality and originality in their content. Details of the assignment rubric are attached to the assignments page. An Apiuniversity Diploma certificate will be issued to students on completion of the course requirements.


"This treasure trove of knowledge meticulously details every aspect of Apitherapy as a medical practice, impressing us with its depth and comprehensive approach. It is not only a dissemination of knowledge but also a tribute to the marvels of Apitherapy."

Zhang Qinglong
International Conference for Apitherapy Organizing Committee
World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

"I recommend that everyone invest time in the course, read, and learn to enhance the success of integrative medicine, heal people's ailments, and improve the effectiveness of preventive measures using the tools of apitherapy."

Dr. János Körmendy-Rácz
Scientific Commission on Apitherapy of Apimondia

"We have conducted a thorough review of the education materials you have diligently developed for Apiuniversity. These materials, which cover various aspects of Apitherapy as a medicinal practice, have impressed us with their comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence."

Assoc. Prof. Ali Timuçin Atayoğlu, MD.
President International Federation of Apitherapy
Head of the Department of Traditional & Complementary Medicine and
Director of Apitherapy Center, Istanbul Medipol University

"Our association endorsed these materials as ideal content for the training of future Apitherapists in Australia."

Deirdre Brocklebank
Vice President
Australian Apitherapy Association

Course Content

  • Bee Products and their therapeutic applications

  • Bees in Prehistory

  • Bee Products for Health and Nutrition

  • Botanical Origins of Medicinal Bee Products

  • Medicinal honey- A Rich Diversity of Benefits Internationally

  • Medicinal Benefits of Honey- Antibacterial

  • Medicinal Benefits of Honey- Wound Healing

  • Medicinal Honey of the World- Argan

  • Medicinal Honey of the World- Tualang

  • Medicinal Honey of the Word- Pine Honey

  • Medicinal Honey of the World- Acacia Honey

  • Assignment 1 - Medicinal Honey from Various Countries

  • Propolis- Background and Pharmacological Modes of Action

  • Different Varieties of Propolis from around the World

  • Propolis- effects of Propolis on Cancer

  • Antioxidants and polyphenols identified in Propolis

  • Assignment 2 - Pharmacological actions of bee propolis

  • Bee Venom- History and Therapeutic Applications

  • Bee Venom- Method of Action - Immune Boosting

  • Bee Venom Treatment for Arthritis

  • Bee Veonom and Chemotherapy

  • Anti-cancer effects of Products Other Than Bee Venom

  • Neurogenerative Diseases and Mental Health

  • Bee Venom for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

  • Bee venom for the Treatment of Arthritis

  • Bee Venom for Dermatological Applications

  • Apitherapy for Lyme Disease

  • Apitherapy for Fertility

  • Bee Pollen and Bee Bread

  • Apitherapy for Animals- Veterinary Applications

  • Royal Jelly

  • Apitherapy in China

  • Beehive Air Therapy

  • Assignment 3 - Bee Venom and its Pharmacological Applications


Apitherapy in China

Apitherapy has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for possibly 4000 years. This course takes you through how Apitherapy is used in major hospitals in China, alongside Western medicine. It is normal for there to be a Traditional Chinese Medicine centre in a hospital down the corridor from conventional modern medicine treatment wards; TCM alongside radiotherapy and surgery. A TCM clinic alongside a conventional Western-style emergency room. Hospitals in China blend these modalities with equal respect given to each. It is normal to see doctors from the Western medicine departments calling in for TCM treatment, or nurses suffering carpal tunnel injury calling into the TCM clinic for "bee needle" treatment. Doctors don bee veils to step onto balconies to collect more bees for the treatment rooms. Patients report positive results for illnesses we struggle to treat in Western medicine. This is all available to see and understand in this course with multiple videos, interviews with translation and published medical journal articles.

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Apiuniversity has been developed in response to the growing demand for education in how products from the honeybee hive have been traditionally used as medicine for thousands of years and are being returned to today.Apitherapy is emerging as a powerful form of natural medicine that is being increasingly studied and analysed by scientists and doctors globally with impressive results. Apiuniversity courses will help you engage with and understand the extensive evidence-based use of bee products in the quest to treat many complex health conditions. Information contained herein is for education purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.


Dr Bridget Goodwin (PhD)
Diploma Apitherapy
Post Doctoral Diploma Integrative Medicine
Member of Apitherapy Scientific Committee - APIMONDIA
Council Member of Specialty Apitherapy / World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies